3D printers, numerical control cutters, interactive displays and workstations. These are the tools of “Bottegaunopuntozero”, a technological workshop in Santeramo in Colle (IT), born from the desire of two young makers Luca and Fabio, to create an open space in which to bring people with different backgrounds together, but who share the belief that complementarity, comparison, and collaboration are the key to obtaining the best results.

In their workshop, inspired by those times when they went to “learn the craft” from the master craftsman, Luca and Fabio deal with technology: to study it, reinvent it and rearrange it to generate ever new results.


Moved by the desire to create a dialogue between tradition and innovation, their goal is to create a new workshop, inspired by the past, but equipped with the most advanced structures. Put back the man behind the machine because only together man and machine can produce quality results.


In the “Bottegaunopuntozero”, traditional and digital artisans meet and exchange knowledge, in a path of continuous training, aimed also at the birth of new professions. The courses are aimed at youngsters and not: the youngsters because they need to integrate their knowledge of digital natives with more ancient knowledge; the eldest so that their activity comes out of anachronism and it gains an extra chance not only to survive but also to be competitive on the market.

“Bottegaunopuntozero” reflects the objectives of the “DWA” project so we thought it was important to turn a spotlight on this local reality.

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