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After the conclusion of the short term joint staff training event, the project partners worked to organize the 2 local training events. DWA project partners’ organized two online training sessions, one held on 18-20 and 25-26 January 2021 open also to external participants and advertised on the European SALTO platform, and a second training session [...]
It is a great pleasure announce that the DWA’s activity successfully took place during February 2021, via Zoom. In the framework of the European project Wood Artisan (DWA), an online and free five-day online training occurred between 15 and 19 of February 2021. Specifically, during the educational program, the participants have e-met each other from across #EuropeanUnion and [...]
The partners of the DWA Project met online for the 5th transnational meeting In these months in which travel has been complicated, the partners of Digital Wood Artisan project demonstrated a lot of flexibility, changing the way of working and adapting it to the new circumstances. From the start of the epidemic partners organized already [...]
Rosewood4.0 - Rosewood Network - Sustainable Wood for Europe Rosewood4.0 presents an alternative approach to improve sustainable woodworking practices. Its aim is to harness digital solutions and ameliorate knowledge on sustainable methods to utilise wood. Furthermore, it aims to connect multiple actors along the forest value chain to reinforce the sustainability of wood mobilisation in [...]
XARXA Asociación de mujeres con discapacidad The XARXA Association Of Women With Disabilities was funded in Valencia in 2005 with the aim to create a space for information, training and dialogue where women of any age can contribute to achieving real equal opportunity. The association is mainly organized by women who work to achieve the [...]
One step closer to a more sustainable construction model The use and importance of wood in architecture is growing every day more, as an answer to environment concerns and also due to a growing community seeking for more sustainable alternatives that can improve the lives of the people of today as of the people of [...]
Meet the National Reference Center for the transformation and Installation of Wood and Cork from Paterna, Valencia The LABORA Formació of Paterna center and the National Reference Center for Wood and Cork Transformation and Installation is a center of the Valencian Employment and Training Service, which carries out its activities in the professional sectors of [...]
Makerspaces as social and technological innovation platforms Digital communities offer spaces and opportunities to connect and learn. In Sampola library, there is a public makerspace “Tekomo”. Free access to computer programs and equipment like 3D printers, guidance for beginners and the possibility to learn are essential for interested, but underprivileged, groups like young immigrants, in [...]
New Digital Craft All craft skills need to be practiced in order to master them. Traditional crafts education was on-site practice based learning. Skills were often inherited from parents to children. The maker movement and school makerspaces and labs might seem new, but hands-on creation has a long history. From the arts and crafts movement [...]
4th meeting of the Digital Wood Artisan Project Given the current situation with COVID-19, the partners of DWA decided to implement the 4th project meeting online, on 6 May 2020. Representatives from all partner organizations gathered, on Skype, and discussed the progress of the project, and issues related to the upcoming training activities. Core aspects [...]
Kreator Lab - Maribor An interesting non-commercial place started to operate in Maribor, Slovenia – it is the so called FabLab or »fabrication laboratory«, open for creativity to all users and with equipment/technology also used in industrial design. For more information, visit: Find us in Facebook: Digital Wood Artisan & in Instagram @digiwoodartisan #digiwoodart
Drive on  - Woodster bike Did you ever consider the possibility to connect sustainable mobility and wood? Well it sure is. A young Slovenian designer, Iztok Mohorič, came across the idea and developed a wooden bike – the vehicle is very functional, has proven its quality and longevity and is currently available within an order [...]
The famous REX chair Slovenia does not only have a long-standing tradition in woodworking, but also in specialized furniture design. One of the most impressive features is the success of the REX chair, designed by Slovene architect and designer Niko Kralj (1920-2013) in 1952. It was and it remains a cult object for design lovers [...]
Wood wear An interesting trend in creative woodworking. One might not believe, but even the idea of personal garment can be one way for creativity development. A trend of wooden arty clothing design did not surpass us. In this way, it is also sustainable as such elements can be used in parts of creative industry [...]
Bottegaunopuntozero 3D printers, numerical control cutters, interactive displays and workstations. These are the tools of "Bottegaunopuntozero", a technological workshop in Santeramo in Colle (IT), born from the desire of two young makers Luca and Fabio, to create an open space in which to bring people with different backgrounds together, but who share the belief that [...]
The 3rd Transnational Meeting Of Digital Wood Artisan Project The third translational meeting of the Digital Wood Artisan (DWA) project took place in Porto, Portugal, and lasted for two working/meeting days (November 6 and 7, 2019). Representatives from all partner organizations attended the meeting and discussed core aspects of management, quality, and dissemination, as well [...]
WOOSIC - Social musical carpenter's shop The scourge of illegal hiring and undeclared work, which concerns migrants, is what prompted Fabrizio, Alessia and Luigi to create with the "Il Ruggito della Gru" association the "WOOSIC" project, a social carpentry shop for self-construction of loudspeakers. The co-founders of the project, engaged in the construction of an [...]
LEGNO DI PUGLIA (APULIAN WOOD) Promoting the culture of Apulian Wood with eco-sustainable craftsmanship is the mission of "Legno di Puglia". "Legno di Puglia" is a project born 3 years ago, by the will of Semmy and Angela, supported by the production manager Vincenzo. It is the first craft company in Italy, which uses the [...]
Girl Move Academy "Changing the World" LIPOR is once again involved in a unique Transforming initiative. "Life Stages" is an Advanced Leadership Program for Service and Social Entrepreneurship, from GIRL MOVE Academy, which welcomes young people - Girl Movers - in leading Portuguese companies to broaden horizons, meet and experience other realities in all levels [...]
PARTIS - Artistic Practices for Social Inclusion Support program for projects that favor art as a means of social intervention with groups in situations of vulnerability or exclusion. PARTIS (Artistic Practices for Social Inclusion) is a programme that allows the Gulbenkian Foundation to realize its conviction that art is an agent for inclusion and social [...]
First stakeholder events The first stakeholder events, which were successfully organized by each participating organization, were held between January and May 2019 in all participating countries. Participants, ranging from carpenters, wood enthusiasts, professionals, youth workers, and other interested parties, grasped the opportunity to learn about the Digital Wood Artisan project and its aims, become aware [...]
Benimakers – an association that spreads knowledge and help people to build their ideas Benimakers is an association located in the neighbourhood Benimaclet, in Valencia.  Founded in October 2018, the association has its doors opened to all neighbours and interested people that want to materialise an idea. Through different workshops and close follow-up, a volunteering [...]
The Mesolab project The Mesolab project was born approximately two years ago from the idea of ​​recovering an important tradition as Laterza majolica and projecting it to the future because after a study on the territory, it was clear how a city so renowned in the sector of artistic ceramics, did not have a reference [...]
PUGLIEASY -Apulian people lamp Pugl|easy is a traditional storytelling and marketing project that rethinks the design of lighting traditions and declines them in a line of POP icons that characterize the space and indoor environments. The Pugl|easy project can be defined as a path between innovation and cultural traditions typical of southern Italy, in particular [...]
Three Finnish Masters and one fine chair Orivesi Chair is a fine example of modern wooden furniture created in good cooperation with designers and makers. Orivesi chair was designed and manufactured by Arto Halmetoja and Yrjö Kukkapuro together, and upholstered with Johanna Gullichsen fabric. Yrjö Kukkapuro represents the Finnish modernist tradition of using wood as [...]
Stories of European Talents Antonello Puddu is a woodworker with long years of experience, that inherited the passion from his father. In an interview with Mad’in Europe, he shares his story, the essential components of his work, and the importance of combining traditional and innovative methods. He speaks towards younger generations, saying how his job [...]
The 2nd transnational meeting of Digital Wood Artisan Project   The second transnational meeting of the Digital Wood Artisan (DWA) project took place in Tampere, Finland, and lasted two working-meeting days, as well as two days spent for travelling. The DWA project is funded by the Erasmus+ program. It aims to develop skills and encourage [...]
Decorative Wood Burning Decorative wood burning (aka Pyrography) is an ancient wood technique where the artisan uses a soldering pen (or other objects) to burn marks on a wood surface and create decorations, drawings, and shapes. Different tips on modern wood burning equipment allow artists to experiment with a variety of brushstrokes to create different [...]

The kick off meeting of the DWA project took place in Italy, Trani on November 27-28. The partners discussed the results of the project as well as issues related to the dissemination and promotion of the project and its implementation in the highest quality possible. The coordinator analysed and set the details regarding project management, […]

Makerspaces as social and technological innovation platforms In Sampola library, there is a public makerspace “Tekomo”. Free access to computer programs and equipment like 3D printers, guidance for beginners and the possibility to learn are essential for interested, but underprivileged, groups like young immigrants, in order to find like-minded hobbyists. In addition to socializing in [...]
Creative workshops & inclusion OZARA d.o.o. is including many participants to a special inclusion programme with very important impact on the life-qualities of unemployable or hard to employ people. Creative workshops can include also working with wooden elements, crafting new smaller items of practical and decorative use. Find out more about the items here: [...]