One step closer to a more sustainable construction model

One step closer to a more sustainable construction model

The use and importance of wood in architecture is growing every day more, as an answer to environment concerns and also due to a growing community seeking for more sustainable alternatives that can improve the lives of the people of today as of the people of tomorrow.

In our articles, we have already discussed how the wood architecture is becoming more known in Spain and taken into consideration as a material that can be used to improve the lives of the ones living in it and at the same time the environment.

This way of building is slowly entering also into the education system, as it can be confirmed by the agreement of collaboration signed between the Gómez-Pintado Foundation and the E.T.S.I. Montes, Forest and Natural Environment of the UPM that joined their forces to spread and disseminate the construction with wood in Spain. That is how the  III Course Construction with Wood was created.

Here are some details about the course:

  • will be taught at the UPM Forest School
  • total duration of 210 hours of classes
  • duration: from October 2020 to March 2021
  • maximum capacity of 25 people
  • two days a week, in the afternoon

The course contains an extensive program content, such as calculation and design of structures, joints, the use of CLT, light trusses, and durability, advanced software training such as Dlubal or Cadwork.

While signing the agreement, the President of the Gómez-Pintado Foundation, Mr. Juan Antonio Gomez-Pintado affirmed that “Wood construction is the imminent future of the sector, and from the Foundation, we want to support the technical training of active, unemployed, and recently graduated professionals. ”


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