“Digital Wood Artisan” is an Erasmus+ project that aims to disseminate good practices at European level through the training of trainers that can provide innovative skills about the wood sector, to disadvantaged learners with innovative, effective and consolidated methodologies. By participating, all participants will be part of a European know-how transfer in the field of wood and the contents of the training will be filmed in order to create videos that will be uploaded on the social channels of the project and on the web platform of the project that will be open to everyone and will be interactive, with a view to learning based on e-learning.

Expected Results

The expected results of the DWA project are the following:

  • Manual containing the results of the comparative study in Europe on the old and new woodworking techniques, machines and tools used. The Manual will also provide information about inclusion techniques and teaching methods of disadvantaged learners.
  • Theoretical-practical training course in Portugal for organizations’
  • National training for trainers in each partner country (6 events).
  • National training for disadvantaged learners in each partner country (6 events).
  • Web Platform containing all the educational material produced during the project.

Project Objectives

– Support for the involvement of disadvantaged learners;

– Encouraging labor market participation, skills acquisition and poverty reduction;

– Provide young with the necessary tools so that they can anticipate the entry into the labor market and fill the gap between supply and demand for jobs in the digital craftsmanship sector;

– Promote among the disadvantaged people innovative work practices, learning and discussion;

– To improve the level of competences and key skills of trainers;

– Create synergy between the participating organizations, the ‘National Agency and the European institutions for European projects;

– Create synergy among stakeholders

Innovation of the project

Our project idea was born from the will of the partnership to create an effective and repeatable model at European level of to disseminate woodworking techniques in a modern perspective, with the help of new ICT technologies. The project aims to promote social integration and offer personalized learning opportunities to learners.  We will intervene internationally on the staff of the participating organizations that will trigger a multiplier effect on their territories by training trainers. The trainers will be able to transmit and disseminate the skills acquired to the learners of their territories. All the material produced will be made available online to increase the impact and encourage rural and disadvantaged people, to improve their skills.

Target Groups

The target groups of the project are:

– disadvantaged people (NEETs, immigrants, socio-economic disadvantaged, etc.) with basic computer skills

– trainers and educators

– VET organizations, local authorities, companies, employment centers, policy makers, professionals and researchers

– participating organizations