Partnership’s 5th Online Transnational Meeting

The partners of the DWA Project met online for the 5th transnational meeting

In these months in which travel has been complicated, the partners of Digital Wood Artisan project demonstrated a lot of flexibility, changing the way of working and adapting it to the new circumstances.

From the start of the epidemic partners organized already one transnational meeting online, keeping always the contact also by e-mail and online platforms, monitoring the work in progress and designing online ways of holding the activities foreseen in the project.

The latest meeting, organized online on the 18th of November 2020, was initially supposed to be held in the Mediterranean city of Valencia, Spain and host by the Spanish partner ESMOVIA.

This was a crucial meeting within the project as partners had to decide the format of the last activities of the project to be organized in the first 3 months of 2021. It was quite challenging to adapt a one week on site training in the beautiful city of Oporto to a totally online training, but with the contribution and collaboration of all the partners we are seeing that another way of training is possible! So, with great pleasure the DWA staff is happy to inform you that the 5 days SHORT-TERM JOINT STAFF TRAINING EVENT will take place online in January 2021!

Other important aspects were also discussed. During the online meeting Eurosuccess Consulting presented the website development and Modus ry the dissemination results from the latest months. The partners were satisfied with the impact acquired until now as the indicators are almost reached. They also showed desire of engaging more on the website and social media as for the project to achieve more visibility in each country.

Quality evaluation was another topic on the agenda presented by the Portuguese partner AFN. The results’ analysis demonstrates once again that the partners are 100% involved in this project, keeping high the quality of the activities even in these circumstances!

As said in other occasions, it is great to work with such wonderful people that in these hard times are able to make the best out of this situation!

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