The Mesolab Project

The Mesolab project

The Mesolab project was born approximately two years ago from the idea of ​​recovering an important tradition as Laterza majolica and projecting it to the future because after a study on the territory, it was clear how a city so renowned in the sector of artistic ceramics, did not have a reference point for young artists, visitors, and tourists.

Mesolab founders recovered an ancient abandoned pottery shop, not only to pass down the artisan know-how but also to restore value to a suggestive underground cave of the 16th century, inside the “Mesola” district, an important reference point in the historic center; combining in this “cave-studio” (Grottega) two great elements: past and artistic tradition.

The laboratory is equipped to carry out training courses (pottery classes for adults and children), workshops and cultural events as art exhibitions, providing opportunities such as: a continuous training of the associated members, a well-equipped and usable laboratory, the use of new technological machinery, such as 3D printer for experimenting with alternative solutions as an introduction to the world of contemporary design (not only tradition). A place where anyone is free to express their creativity.

The cave-studio becomes a meeting place for people who have common interests. It allows them to conceive and develop projects, from furnishing solutions, to objects, to fashion accessories, and more, linked not only to the world of traditional ceramics but also to contemporary design. This is how more ambitious projects are born… thanks to the idea of ​​teaming up and starting start-ups!”

We would like to thank Mesolab for giving us the opportunity to share their experience.

To know more about Mesolab visit their website and follow them @mesolab.ceramics

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