Benimakers – an association that spreads knowledge and help people to build their ideas

Benimakers – an association that spreads knowledge and help people to build their ideas

Benimakers is an association located in the neighbourhood Benimaclet, in Valencia.  Founded in October 2018, the association has its doors opened to all neighbours and interested people that want to materialise an idea. Through different workshops and close follow-up, a volunteering staff assist people on different manufacturing techniques, such as CNC operation, CAD design, carpentry and many other fields. As in this field these realities become every day stronger by joining forces, Benimakers collaborate also with different local non-profit organisations from the city to encourage recycling practices, as well as participates in local festivals, social competitions or initiatives.

In Benimakers another aim is to fight against programmed obsolescence, so they offer to the community open days and a repair point, were assigned staff explain how to fix their appliances in a DIY way as well as organize workshops on recycling.

Recently they have also started to provide cultural activities to the local community and started to release a set of courses within the initiative “Universidad Maker” with the objective of teaching manufacturing techniques. Maker University wants to spread knowledge and give everyone the tools to design and carry out their personal projects. All courses are designed both for beginners who want to know the basics, and for experts who want to expand their range of knowledge with complementary techniques. The first workshops allowed enabling people to get familiar with different technologies such as Arduino, drawing with Inkscape, stencil, laser cut, 3D drawing and 2D drawing. Apart from that, Benimakers makes freely available their own space with tools and equipment to whoever is interested.



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