Promoting the culture of Apulian Wood with eco-sustainable craftsmanship is the mission of “Legno di Puglia”. “Legno di Puglia” is a project born 3 years ago, by the will of Semmy and Angela, supported by the production manager Vincenzo.

It is the first craft company in Italy, which uses the huge variety of wood species that Puglia offers as raw material.

The innovative aspect of this young reality lies in the desire to deal with trees that would otherwise be destroyed.

By combining artisan production with teaching, they created the first Xylotheque in Italy in their showroom: a wide collection of Apulian wood species with the aim of spreading the knowledge of the wood heritage of this region.

“Legno di Puglia” also organizes workshops to learn how to work with wood and acquire or perfect precise processing techniques, aimed at hobbyists and wood lovers.

They also organize meetings to spread knowledge of the Apulian and Mediterranean flora as a pretext for spreading a green awareness.

If you want to know more about this innovative reality that transforms precious woods into unique design pieces that smell like a land that has a lot to tell, visit their website

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