WOOSIC – Social musical carpenter’s shop

WOOSIC – Social musical carpenter’s shop

The scourge of illegal hiring and undeclared work, which concerns migrants, is what prompted Fabrizio, Alessia and Luigi to create with the “Il Ruggito della Gru” association the “WOOSIC” project, a social carpentry shop for self-construction of loudspeakers.

The co-founders of the project, engaged in the construction of an alternative model for the professional integration of migrants, carefully evaluating the technical knowledge, artisan skills and the cultural assumptions of the individual, are determined to fight, through commitment and self-determination, the mafias, the corporal and undeclared work that push workers into dangerous and ruthless chains of exploitation.


Through a theoretical/practical training course in cabinet making, they provide technical skills for the construction of loudspeakers, in order to create an audio service managed by migrants and usable for the amplification of musical or cultural events.


“Il Ruggito della Gru” gave life to an ambitious project, and a great example of social and work inclusion from below, which contributes to this process of social and cultural innovation in favour of disadvantaged categories.

Last, but not least, the discussion on the recovery of disused material: through the creation of a “Gift Bank” the association invites companies or individuals to donate to the community material destined to no longer be used that if recovered, could return to new life.

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