Three Finnish Masters and one fine chair

Three Finnish Masters and one fine chair

Orivesi Chair is a fine example of modern wooden furniture created in good cooperation with designers and makers. Orivesi chair was designed and manufactured by Arto Halmetoja and Yrjö Kukkapuro together, and upholstered with Johanna Gullichsen fabric. Yrjö Kukkapuro represents the Finnish modernist tradition of using wood as material for furniture. Johanna Gullichsen’s approach to design draws inspiration from handweaving with the loom, and she explores traditional techniques and patterns.Cabinet maker Arto Halmetoja has been involved in the DWA project in Finland, and is a member of Modus Design Association. In May 2019, members from partner countries visited the Studio Halmetoja in Orivesi, Finland. Orivesi chair was launched during the Helsinki Design Week in 2019. Its straight light lines and robust padding guarantee a comfortable seat, but will not put you to sleep.


Photos by Taina Laaksonen and Nico Backström

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