PUGLIEASY -Apulian people lamp

PUGLIEASY -Apulian people lamp

Pugl|easy is a traditional storytelling and marketing project that rethinks the design of lighting traditions and declines them in a line of POP icons that characterize the space and indoor environments.

The Pugl|easy project can be defined as a path between innovation and cultural traditions typical of southern Italy, in particular of the Puglia region.

Pugl|easy’s lamps are composed of LED bulbs and recycled wood, the wooden parts that make up the lamp are cut with a CNC pantograph and then assembled by hand. The electrical components are also included in the manual assembly.

The traditional element in this process of assembling and recovering wooden materials is represented by the icons depicting the traditional and typical crafts of the area such as: the seamstress, the housewife, the nurse, the farmer and many others …

As explained by the architect and creator of Pugl|easy Angelo Ricchiuto: “The creation of each lamp is in the wake of what are the prerogatives of the makers where new technologies and traditional processes are combined, within the concept and contemporary design.”

The Project is currently in a start-up phase, developed in Shisky concept space which not only hosts sales but also its realization.

If you want to know more, stay up to date by following the Pugl|easy @pugleasy and FB page

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